What I am telling you is that nothing is real and everything is permitted. Why I’m telling you this is becuase it’s something that is true. We as people believe everything we are told without even questioning whether it’s against are morals or if it’s right or wrong. The reason why evrything is permitted is becuase people are so quick to grasp something that tells them something about something that they don’t know how to explain. And thy believe the first idea on that something becuase they want to know the answer to that something, but what they don’t know is that that something can and will be improved into another idea by another person or themselves. But people don’t know this because people are so ignorant and lazy, and just want to be told something that is barely believable but is believable enough. People are so blind and forgetting of what they can do as people. They don’t know that they can do so much with just a few of their ideas. I mean look at people like presidents,scientists,activist, and even revolutionaries. They get a whole country or even continent to believe them just by saying a few of their ideas,to a huge audience and these people are leaders becuase they know how to take the mind and implant an idea so strong that it is impossible to erradicate even when there is an entirely new idea that makes that much more sense than the other idea but since these leaders know how to make an idea, an impervious idea.They almost always remain the leader. They have the power of “mind-control” which is somewhat a myth, but more of the truth than a myth. Becuase look at our people today every single one of us is brainwahsed except for the few that question everything like people like me. For example we are told: (Get a job. Go to work. Get married. Have children. Follow fashion. Act normal. Walk on the pavement. Watch tv. Obey the law. Save for your old age. Now reapeat after me, ” I am free.” That is our society explained in such simple details. Everyone says we are free becuase we have freedom to choose what we want. We are not free we are just on a lower level of slavery. The type of slavery that makes you think you are free but deep down inside you know we are not even close to freedom, because we do what we are told and we belive what we are told to believe. We belive these lies becuase these lies have been taught to us since we were born. But if u take a break from living in this world set up for us and just think and question every single thing you have learned you entire life you will see things the way I do I promise you will. Becuase if you realize what is inbetween what we are being told you will find true freedom.And if we could all realize this we wouldn’t do this we would grab are pitchforks and torches and confront what has done this to us and ask why and leave what has created this world in a heap of defeat and leave this power powerless. Do you want to spread the truth or keep living in a lie?